At Satellites Direct we supply a wide range of dishes from 80cm to 2.4 mtr depending on area and the country you require to view your channels from.

For UK TV we recommend either the 1.4 mtr or the 1.9 mtr, obviously the bigger the better but a well installed 1.4 mtr dish will do a decent job.

We always use the best quality products and are always looking for new and better products.

Therefore we are now using the Portuguese super strength dish which is working the best, however we can still supply the famaval high gain if required for the same price.

The super strength is giving amazing signal strengths in fact some areas on the costa blanca we are getting similar to what we would expect with a 1.9mtr dish !!

For as little as 399€ we will install a 1.4 mtr dish with a twin LNB ( for a 2nd tv if required ) a 60mm bracket so you get no wind bounce and a full HD recording Satellite receiver.

famaval high gain dish
satellite footprint
super strength dish in spain